Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Social Networking Race

This map is very interesting. It compares the social networking popularity between countries. Taken from The data was for November 2008. Malaysia and Indonesia were the only country where Friendster still holding the throne. Can't wait for the December results.

What do you like to use? I prefer Facebook because it has more features and everything seems like sorted nicely. The features are also apropriate. I mean in Friendster or Myspace, people are using comments box to write messages. Eventhough I don't like it, I still need to do the same thing because some people will only reply to comments even though it is a message. Perhaps they don't know the difference.

My Myspace account was phished in November. I don't know how many spam had been placed under my name. Eventhough Myspace seems like a simple html page run by a guy name Tom, it did automatically block my account when it detected the phishing. That did gave me a pain in the.. for a month before I could reuse my account. Friendster is also having the phishing problem. Also in November I got a rapid increase of my friend list in Friendster because some Philipinos who I don't even know were listed as my friends. How the hell did that happened? Fortunately those problems had been settled but I'm still wondering if any phishing is happening in Friendster using my account to post spam comments because I have not receive any message from Friendster admin like I've received from Myspace. A lot my friends had been infected with those phishers currently. Damn you phishers. Do something better wouldn't you. Grow a tree, fight poverty or something.

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saya January 7, 2009 at 5:03 PM  

owhh..saya mmg blur2 lansong zero bab2 internet nih...

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