Thursday, January 29, 2009

Basic HTML Knowledge

I write this just to give everybody some basic knowledge of HTML so that you can simply modify or edit your widget, layout, text, or banner in your blog to any style you want to. This is not a tutorial but just an information. What you have to do to understand this is to copy every text written in blue > paste in notepad > Save As "anything.html" (set the file type as All Files) > Then open the saved file in Firefox or Internet Explorer > Then compare what you see in the saved file with the text written in this article. If you thoroughly analyze them, you can simply understand the basic of setting font color, size, making links, banner, or any other attribute. In the code, there is also some string for you to make custom table so that you can insert it in your sidebar widget as I did in this blog.

Copy this:



<title>Basic HTML Page</title>



1st line without paragraph - testing colour <font color="red">red,</font><font color="green"> green,</font><font color="blue"> blue,</font><font color="navy"> navy,</font><font color="pink"> pink,</font><font color="yellow"> yellow</font><font color="#33FF66"> or any Hexadecimal colour codes</font>


2nd line without paragraph - testing font face <font face="Times">Times New Roman,</font><font face="Arial"> Arial,</font><font face="Verdana"> Verdana,</font><font face="Courier"> Courier.</font>

<p>3rd line with paragraph - testing font <font size="5">size,</font> <i>italic,</i> <u>underline,</u> <s>strike-through,</s> and <b>bold</b></p>

<p align="center">4th line with paragraph - testing <font color="red" size="-2" face="Verdana">font <i>attributes</i> combination</font></p>

<center>5th line without paragraph - testing <a href="">hyperlink</a> , <a href="" target="_blank">pop-up hyperlink</a> and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">no-follow link</a></center>

<table border="1" align="center">


<td width="125"><div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#990000" size="-1" face="Verdana">1st row 1st column</font></a></div></td>

<td width="125"><div align="center"><a href=""><img border="0" alt="Duan Says..." width="120" style="height:24px; width:120px;" src="" height="24" title="Duan Says..."/></a></div></td>



<td><div align="right"><font face="Arial" size="-1">2nd row 1st column</font></div></td>

<td><div align="center"><font size="-2">2nd row 2nd column</font></div></td>



<p>inserting image from any url: </p>

<p><img src="" width="120" height="24" alt="duan" /></p>



3 attacks:

xillix axillixa January 30, 2009 at 3:28 AM  

nk header cantik... peh tu nak break line yang kiranya macam ...alahai susah tol le...nak explain nih...

Nazz January 30, 2009 at 3:03 PM  

gud..gud... belajar lagi hr nih.. thanks...

xillix January 30, 2009 at 7:23 PM  

gini...kita nak buat header... nak himpun gambar anak anak dalam satu ... tp tak reti...macam yang misako buat kat blog dia...

p/s: i am not using the blog for hard core business or etc... juat my port to bebel only... so .. nak letak ler himpunan gambar anak anak...

kat pc nih ada adobe photoshop 7.0... tak reti nak guna...

try buat guna front page malam tadi.. tp hasilnya gambar satu tp multiple dlm satu kotak...

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