Monday, November 16, 2009

Modem Pulak Buat Hal

Haritu aku ada puji streamyx skit sebab lebih laju dari biasa.. pastu modem aku majuk kot terus mampus. Hampeh tul.. 3 hari gak tak online.. skarang ni aku pakai modem baru.. Aztech 605E. Modem tu takda masalah kot tapi aku tak puas ati sebab internet tak stabil cam pakai model lama tu. Pening aku setting modem tu tiap hari nak cari setting terbaik. Lembab giler nk surf internet. Kalo sblm ni best je layan internet walaupun tak terbaik tapi ok la dari sekarang ni. Ada sapa-sapa mengaku hebat bab-bab ni? Silakan tolong..

Ok aku terang dengan lebih terperinci.. Sebelum ni tak kisah kalau semua orang yang guna internet kat rumah ni layan youtube ke.. download torrent ke.. layan metacafe ke.. internet surfing tetap maintain ok..

Skarang ni surf internet lembab especially kalo bukak torrent or metacafe. Memang la metacafe ngan torrent tu sedut bandwidth tapi kenapa sebelum ni ok je? Apa setting kat modem lama tu? Nak check pun tak boleh sebab modem tu dah mampus.. Silakan tolong..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Banjir Malaysia (Malaysian Flood)

First of all, I'm apologizing for the use of English because I can't write this in Bahasa Melayu or I will sound like your Bahasa Melayu teacher in school. I've already mentioned previously that I will not use English anymore in this blog but I really can't commit to that promise. It is better to express my mind in English because if I'm using formal Bahasa Melayu it feels like I'm writing a newspaper article and if I'm using the 'rojak' language as in my daily conversation I will still use some English words or sentences.

OK here's what came to my mind just now. I believe that the Prime Minister of Malaysia (no matter who that person is) should take actions to prevent big flood from happening again. Using the tax payers' money to prevent such damage to occur to them is much better than paying compensation or victim charity donation which are not productive at all. Big flood cause a lot of damage to agriculture, housing, transportation, and fishery. Those are worth millions of tax. Another significant fact is that most of those affected by floods are those who are in the average or lower income group. They earn just enough for their living and now they have to spend more to cover the damages by the flood. I am also believed that there are no insurance company that will cover your house or vehicles from damages caused by flood. Takaful have plans for fire, and typhoon damages for every type of housing but I'm not sure if they also cover flood damages.

Prevention is always better than curing and the steps are very simple. Ask the Minister of Works to set up a team to eliminate the problem. We have Public Works Department, Board of Engineers, and universities that can be utilised to find the BEST and COST EFFECTIVE solution. There are thousands of fresh engineering graduates finished their study every year so there are no excuse for no manpower for the job. The most effective way is to call the JPA sponsored graduates to work than letting them run away with their free education. We have so many universities and each of them have hundreds of scholars including Dr.s and Prof.s and don't say that they are all busy with their research that nobody will care to prevent flood from ruining their life. There are already too many brains available to find a solution to a problem so there should be no more excuse.

Then why there are still no actions? Is it politics? Everytime it involves a minister it will always about politics. This party want to do this but this party is against it because the most important thing in the mind of the politicians are the votes from public. From my point of view, the political parties (all of them) will try to find the BEST and COST EFFECTIVE way to gain public votes without having to spend more on satisfying them.


Streamyx Buat Best la Pulak

Streamyx dah update system ke? Apa dah berlaku? Sejak semalam aku teramat berpuas hati dengan Streamyx sebab download speed aku kat torrent lebih kurang 50kB/s (kiloByte per second). Laju tu untuk torrent. Sebelum ni torrent download speed paling laju yang aku dapat pun dalam 20kB/s je. By the way make sure you know the difference between torrent download and download accelerator. With download accelerator, it is normal to have download speed up to 200kB/s but for torrent download it is very rare for me to have speed higher than 20kB/s.

Aku terkejut la jugak tapi hepi sebab download file 500MB pun dalam sejam dua je. Off course the speed is not maintained all the time sebab bergantung kepada seeders yang connect dengan aku. Kalau nak kata speed laju sebab banyak seeder pun tak bole jugak. Kejap tadi aku download 1 file and only 1 seeder from Thailand was connected. File 30MB finished in only 5 minutes. Sebelum ni tak penah lak Streamyx buat aku hepi macam ni. Adakah sebab hari selasa lepas aku pi komplen kat TMPoint? Apa kamu punya cerita?

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