Friday, October 30, 2009

Why we are far behind?

don’t u think that malaysian are very creative.. in modifications mostly. Take the "Mat Rempit" for example, either with bikes or cars. Most of them are very creative in modifying there bikes or cars to get the best of power. Malaysians are also very brave and not afraid to try new things. Everyday there thousand of teenagers involve in drug addiction and many more to cigarettes just because they want to try something new.

this time i just want to say something about the creativity of malaysians. other topics.. later.. whats written here are just from my head so if there anybody who does not agree to these statement please dont hesitate to complain.

just when i was.. i don’t remember what was i’m doing that time.. i’ve wondered why malaysians cant produce a very good car model that can compete with the japanese or europeans. even the americans and koreans are now had taken place in malaysia. i heard that later maybe the chinese will try their luck too. so what will happen to proton??

as i an an engineering student, i wonder where are all the malaysians engineers. Why the current engineers unable to build everything on their own. everythings need to be helped. this issue is not in the automotive industry only. i thick come to my mind was.. malaysian copy people since in they were in schools. most of our students just copy the homeworks or assignments from their friends. this habit is then stick to their life forever. it is like smoking.. very hard to quit isn’t it.. our engineers may have the creativity and might found new innovations of technology but then the economy or manufacturing technology becomes the limitation. their boss might not agree with the cost. then, the only thing they are available to do is just modifying the available technology and call it our own.

if our students love to copy from others.. they must copy from someone.. someone who do his work on his own. lets say his name is A. so they are a few people like A in malaysia but why cant they do something. i think they cant do much because most of them prefer to further their study and then become lecturer in universities. later la i continue this..

Article copied from my Friendster Blog written on March 14th, 2006. Please note the date before making any comment.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Dapa Duit Raya.. Yeay..

Selamat hari raya semua.. lama betul baru bole greet raya.. tak sempat la nak update blog.. anda semua apa kabar? Pagi tadi aku pi bank.. kutip duit raya hehe.. duit dari Google Adsense aku yang akhirnya membuahkan sedikit hasil.. sikit je pun tapi convert to ringgit jadi banyak la jugak.. lama gak nak dapat keluarkan payment sebab kena cukup 100 dollar baru bole keluarkan payment.

Payment tu dapat via Western Union money transfer so cepat la skit nak cash in.. kalo pakai check banyak hari gak la nak tunggu.. Oleh kerana dah berjaya mendapatkan sedikit hasil kali ni.. untuk tindakan seterusnya.. aku akan cuba untuk menambahkan lagi hasil untuk musim menuai yang akan datang mudah-mudahan dapat disedekahkan sedikit kepada yang berhak.. hehe..

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