Friday, February 20, 2009

Alexa Rank Update Nomo 1

This is just a short post to show how the Alexa Toolbar and Rank Widget really influence a blog's or website's Alexa traffic rank and also to prove that Alexa loves those who uses it's services. As you can see in the figure, my traffic rank was 6,546,775 before I started to use the toolbar. This blog was started in November 2008 and in early January 2009 my rank was 10mil+. I though the rank will be updated each month so I wait for February for my new rank. Unfortunately the rank still maintained on that figure. After reading some articles, I've installed the toolbar and widgets. The results was surprising as the traffic rank changed dramatically to 2,742,399 just after two days. Traffic rank on my other blogs with the widgets were also changed. Then I though this was a bonus for using the Alexa's services and the ranks would maintain for a month or more. A week later, the ranks changed again and now I know that the ranks are really calculated on the 3 month average and they are updated daily but you'll need to use the toolbar and widgets for the daily update to happen.

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Anonymous,  February 20, 2009 at 9:41 PM  

Hi ,

just wanna leave some comments .

yes i also love this widget by Alexa . My ranking for the first time i put it in my blog was ... 27th million n sumthing !!! wooooho!

now,after about a month , my ranking is 5millionth n sumthing .. so far away fr4om the first time. i really love it and i'm ambitious to get under 1million rankings..

gudluck to me n u too !

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