Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shop Your Dream Items with ShopWiki

You probably have something in your wish list but is quite hard to find it at your local store or regular online store. Regular online store only provide you with items in their list but your dream item still not be in their list. You’ll also won’t find any suggestion to look for other store that might have your item. What if there is a search engine for you to search your dream items? ShopWiki offers what you need by giving you a list of all stores that have your dream item.

What’s unique with ShopWiki is that items are organized neatly for ease of browsing and there are a lot of related suggestions for your search. There are also reviews for most of the displayed items to help you make your buying decision. For example, when browsing for strollers for your baby, you can set the minimum or maximum price, set a specific brand, types of either regular of for jogging, and also set the desired color. When you found your desired items, you can read the review about the items and compare prices or discount being offered by every store that has the items.

ShopWiki also offers buying guides that help us on making a decision on a specific item to buy. I had always try to figure out which camera model is better for professional photography and by reading the Cameras and Photography Buying Guide, I can have a rough view on which model to select. There are also other reading suggestions on the searched items that could help us choosing the best products.

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