Monday, November 10, 2008

Arts and creativity

I have always loved arts.. all kind of them. i love language because i think it is a very beautiful art. i'm learning japanese now.. slowly.. coz my sources are only the internet and some books. maybe later i'll took part in a class. i've always wanted to be an artist (the painter, sketcher, digital artist type.. not actor or singer eventhough i love music and film). i wish i could produce some impressive vector arts or digital arts. i've already put some in my other blog. i love vector arts so much and i'm trying to produce some using illustrator and photoshop. being in engineering field had caused my creativity to fade a little bit. now what i do mostly is writing reports and calculations. generating creative ideas is quite hard for me now. what happened? lack of practice of course.. my creative neurons are not much connected maybe.. i took a test and the result is i'm left-brained... and i'm not so happy with it. why? find the test and read for yourself. well..

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